The 3 Mistakes to Gut Health

The 3 Gut Health Mistakes

Do you find yourself making these mistakes?! If so, you most likely experience constipation, irregular bowels, bloat, and stomach pains. If you want to keep your gut in check go for balanced meals spaced out instead of grazing on snacks all day. And if you are a HIIT enthusiast make sure you are paying attention to your stress levels. It may be worth incorporating love intensity workout days. Check out why below!

1. Grazing all day
A major cause of constipation is not spacing out meals (3-5 hours) or grazing all day. When you graze all day you restrict the Mimicking Motor Complex (MMC) from working its magic. The MMC sweeps up food, bacteria, and toxins every 90 minutes when you are not eating and digesting. Thus, helping push the waste to get eliminated.

2. Skipping a meal

A common cause of gut issues and constipation is not eating enough whole foods! You need to eat a enough food for your energy levels and to help form and move bulk through your digestive tract.

3. Increasing intensity workout
If you are a long distance runner or chronic HIIT enthusiast try to mix up your workout. Include some restorative activities. Incorporate low intensity movement daily. When you over exercise or are too intense without any rest days your stress levels increase. Your cortisol levels (stress hormones) can become out of whack. When you have high levels of cortisol your digestion and absorption becomes compromised!

So, to sum it all up make sure you find balance in both your nutrition and lifestyle. Start taking small steps by addressing these 3 major gut health mistakes!

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