Constant Acid Reflux?

A quick look into the cause of acid reflux and how I help my clients relieve the pain


Alright, when you hear acid reflux what do you think? I immediately think of popping a few TUMS in an attempt to avoid the uncomfortable heartburn and nasty-tasting acid reflux after a meal. This pattern has become second nature for way too many people! I’ve got some news for you, living on TUMS and antacids shouldn't be how you survive eating food. Acid reflux is a sign of a much bigger issue that once identified, can finally allow you that TUMS freedom! 

Now, you may not know it but there are a lot of hidden signs and symptoms of acid reflux. Find out below if you have acid reflux!

Recognize any of these?

Check out the list below, it highlights both the typical and aytipcal symptoms of acid reflux/GERD.

  • You have heartburn or chest pain
  • You have regurgitation after a meal
  • You have gas or bloating after eating
  • You are sensitive to some foods and liquids
  • You have a consistent cough
  • You practice excessive throat clearing
  • You have a chronic sore throat
  • You have ear and nose discomfort
  • You experience bad breath or have gum disease

Well you may have

A bigger picture problem causing the nasty acid reflux. Do you have too LITTLE stomach acid (yes I said too little!). Or do you have slow motility and digestion? So often we think that we have too much stomach acid but in reality we may be lacking stomach acid. You will learn that stomach acid is actually a key factor in helping run our digestion and keeping our gut healthy! 

Common causes I see:

  • Diet lacking nutrient dense foods
  • Stress
  • Swallowing issues
  • Slow motility of the gut
  • Gastroparesis
  • Vagus Nerve damage
  • Too much OR too little stomach acid (Hcl)
  • Food allergy or sensitivity
  • Bacterial overgrowth: SIBO or H.Pylori
  • Smoking 
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Hiatal hernia 

I'm Here to help

That persistent heartburn and regurgitation of food isn't a good feeling. I like to enjoy my food without having to rely on TUMS or worry about when my food is going to come back up.  Bring back the fun in eating again!

My number one step and trick with my clients is to always identify the root cause of their symptoms. I do this by using in-depth assessments and a GI MAP stool test to gain clarity on the underlying cause of their acid reflux symptoms. This information then helps me create an informed and individualized wellness protocol.

My clients’ protocols incorporate nutrition, lifestyle and supplements all aimed directly at the root cause of their acid reflux (ex. increase stomach acid and digestive enzymes). I provide continuous support  throughout their health journey to ensure we are going to defeat that constipation for good!! 

The next step

Well, it's up to you...are you ready to finally poop daily and feel damn good about it?

  • Apply for a discovery call with me
  • Work with me 1:1 implementing your individualized Good Gut Program
  • Finally remove your reflux after eating foods and enjoy a heartburn free life!

Have any of these other symptoms?




Stomach Pain

"When I got my GI Map test back and Elizabeth told me that the lab tech had never seen candida levels as high as mine, I was like HELL YES we found the problem!"


"I learned that I was suffering from a bacterial overgrowth that was causing all of my bloat, indigestion, fullness, and rosacea."


"I am happy to report that with the adjustments to my diet, a little more sunlight and exercise, I feel great and sleep even better!"