Brent's Story


I reached out to Elizabeth due to a persistent cough, a constant clearing of my throat, and heartburn, which created difficulty with day to day travel in my work, as well as significant issues related to my sleep patterns. With long hours of work and multiple days on Airplanes you can imagine the issues that occurred with my lack sleep and cough, as well as the looks I received when in a Plane full of people and a Pandemic in progress. However I am happy to report that with the adjustments to my diet a little more sunlight, and exercise I feel great, and sleep even better. I highly recommend Elizabeth as a resource to make your daily life much more enjoyable. -Brent

With this information, I was able to create an individualized protocol focused around nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle. To help reduce his GERD we focused on eating habits: slowing down at meal time and chewing food thoroughly. In addition we supplemented digestive enzymes and stomach acid to help better digest and absorb his food. The addition of stomach acid was a great contributor to helping reduce his persistent cough and better digest his foods!

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"When I got my GI Map test back and Elizabeth told me that the lab tech had never seen candida levels as high as mine, I was like HELL YES we found the problem!"


"I learned that I was suffering from a bacterial overgrowth that was causing all of my bloat, indigestion, fullness, and rosacea."


"I am happy to report that with the adjustments to my diet, a little more sunlight and exercise, I feel great and sleep even better!"