Battling Diarrhea?

A look into the possible causes of your diarrhea and how I help my clients


Are you running to the bathroom every time after you eat? Or do you avoid leaving the house for an extended amount of time? Well, I for one don't think anyone should have to base their plans around having to have access to a toilet 24/7.  Don't let your pesky bowls dictate your life, you deserve freedom when it comes to your poop schedule!

Not sure if you actually are a bathroom frequent flyer battling diarrhea? I'll help you find out below!

Recognize any of these?

Check out the list below, it highlights some of the most common signs and symptoms of diarrhea. 

  • You have loose watery stool that persists greater than four weeks
  • You have bloating and cramps in the abdomen
  • You feel nauseous or have an upset stomach
  • You have a strong or urgent need to go to the bathroom often
  • You always need a bathroom after eating

Well you may have

Something else to blame that is really causing your diarrhea. Have you experienced food poisoning? Or are you a high stress individual with a non-stop schedule? It's even possible that you have a gut infection causing poor absorption and digestion of foods (hello full food pieces in your watery poops). Your diarrhea is often the symptom of a greater gut issue you are facing!  

Common causes I see:

  • Diet lacking nutrient dense foods
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Food poisoning
  • Food intolerances, allergies, sensitivities 
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Medication
  • Gut infection
  • Gut dysbiosis or leaky gut
  • Maldigestion of food
  • Malabsorption of food
  • Bacterial overgrowth: such as SIBO or H.Pylori 
  • Irritable bowel disease (Crohn's or UC)

I'm Here to help

Look, I hear you! I for one don't like being tied down to the bathroom. We have all had those OMG awful run to the toilet moments in public and I just don't think that's fun! When it comes to diarrhea it's important to cover all bases from root cause to lifestyle. 

My number one step and trick with my clients is to always identify the root cause of their symptoms. I do this by using in-depth assessments and a GI MAP stool test to gain clarity on the underlying cause of their constipation symptoms. This information then helps me create an informed and individualized wellness protocol.

My clients protocols incorporate nutrition, lifestyle and supplements  all aimed directly at the root cause of their diarrhea (ex. improve digestion and absorption of foods). I provide continuous support  throughout their health journey to ensure we are going to defeat that constipation for good!! 

The next step

Are you ready to stop that frantic "I need a toilet now or I am going to die" rush after you eat? Here's how...

  • Apply for a discovery call with me
  • Work with me 1:1 implementing your individualized Good Gut Program
  • Successfully have normal daily poops and enjoy your freedom from the bathroom!

Have any of these other symptoms?



Stomach Pain

Acid Reflux

"When I got my GI Map test back and Elizabeth told me that the lab tech had never seen candida levels as high as mine, I was like HELL YES we found the problem!"


"I learned that I was suffering from a bacterial overgrowth that was causing all of my bloat, indigestion, fullness, and rosacea."


"I am happy to report that with the adjustments to my diet, a little more sunlight and exercise, I feel great and sleep even better!"