How is a Root Cause Approach Better?

Chances are you’ve  googled, searched, and hunted for the latest fad diet or magic pill that will cure your constipation, bloat, diarrhea or stomach pain. 

How is a Functional Gut Health Dietitian Different? @gratefulgut_nutrition

Maybe you tried a restrictive diet or a special bloat detox tea and felt short-term relief…. BUT then BAM, next thing you know your symptoms come back and you’re stuck at square one. 

Sadly there’s no magic pill to permanently fix your digestive symptoms (if there was you wouldn’t need me :)). BUT, good news, as a gut health dietitian I use a different approach.

Unlike band-aid solutions, restrictive diets, and generic protocols, I use functional testing to identify your root cause and create a personalized lifestyle and nutrition plan so you can heal your gut, feel confident in what you eat, and finally live without uncomfortable digestive symptoms!

I’m here to help resolve those pesky symptoms!

 5 Reasons my approach works better than the magic detox tea and conventional doctors:

  1. I help identify the root cause of your symptoms (getting to the WHY of you symptoms) 
  2. I don’t implement restrictive diets, instead we focus on eating whole real foods
  3. I teach you how to listen to your body
  4. I focus on other factors from nutrition such as sleep, exercise, and stress. 
  5. I help you find confidence in what you eat!

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