Early 30's

Would you recommend my program to others?

Absolutely! It was worth every penny and you will get way more out of it than you think.e

10 Years of diarrhea and discomfort 

How did you feel prior to going through my program?

I felt like I was marooned on a shrinking island. I had been experiencing worsening diarrhea for ten years, and it was to the point where almost everything I ate seemed to cause diarrhea. As a result, I was eating a very bland, carb-heavy diet and I felt incredibly fatigued. At the time, I also had periodic migraines that totally incapacitated me.

How has your life been impacted since you've implemented your protocol?

I haven't been cured of diarrhea, but I feel so much more confident about what to eat as I continue my healing journey. Cooking and eating has become joyful again!

What have you been able to achieve since finishing your protocol?

I have much higher energy levels and no longer experience migraines! I have been able to work part-time and live a more active life, which includes being a better mom to my three-year-old son.

Why did you choose E Arensberg Nutrition?

Working with Elizabeth is so much more personalized than working with a doctor. Before seeking out a dietitian, I went to a gastroenterologist eight times and was prescribed several medicines for symptom control that did not work, and then was told "there's nothing else I can do to help you." In contrast, Elizabeth really listened to me, closely monitored what I ate and what came out of me every day for months, and worked tirelessly to find actual solutions for the root of my very complex gut problems.

What was your experience like doing your protocol?

From the comprehensive stool sample text, Elizabeth was able to diagnose me with H Pylori, gluten sensitivity, and very low levels of "good bacteria" in my gut in addition to the SIBO diagnosis I had previously from a GI doctor. She worked with me to adapt and expand what I was eating in order to maintain higher energy levels and repopulate the good bacteria in my gut, and we worked through a supplement protocol to attempt to kill off the H Pylori. She educated me so much about nutrition and detox and was so willing to answer my many questions about them!

Would you recommend working with me to your friends?

Absolutely! It was worth every penny and you will get way more out of it than you think.

Feedback from my time working with Elizabeth

How did you feel prior to going through my program?
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