Top Lifestyle tips to Go Daily

I hate to break it to you but…..changing up your diet alone won’t fix your constipation or irregular bowels. Along with nutrition, it’s important to address mindful eating, stress, light movement, and how you spend your toilet time. Check out the must DO’s below!

Top Lifestyle Tips to Go Daily @gratefulgut_nutrition
  1. At meal time remove stressors and distractions from your dining area (work, tv, phone etc). Set 20 minutes or more for each meal. Take time to enjoy the food and acknowledge that you are eating! 
  2. Chew your food to applesauce consistency. 
  3. Reduce liquid intake during meal time. During meal time try to have only sips of water. This will help increase your digestive enzymes. Drink plenty of water before and after meal time.
  4. Incorporate low intensity movement daily like yoga, walking, and stretching. When you over exercise or exercise incorrectly, it can negatively increase cortisol, the stress hormone. When we have high levels of cortisol, digestion and absorption is compromised….poorly impacting our poop schedule!
  5. Poop properly! Work on your pooping position. Squatting (knees above hips) helps open the canal for easy, non-strenuous poops. The Squatty Potty is a great addition to the bathroom to help improve bowel movements.

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