5 Reasons You Should Love Your Gut

Is gut health really that important? YES YES YES! The gut is like the second brain of the body! It produces over 90% of the happy hormone known as serotonin and it houses almost 80% of your immune system. The gut has an impact on inflammation, skin health, autoimmunity, mood, hormone production and much more! 

Your gut is like an ecosystem and in order to keep the ecosystem flourishing you need to give it the best environment possible. The health of the environment (your body) determines the health of the ecosystem (gut microbiome). 

5 Reasons to Love Your Gut @gratefulgut_nutrition

5 Reasons To Give A Sh*t about your gut

  1. Your gut impacts your mood (gut-brain axis)
  2. Your gut houses the majority of your immune system 
  3. Your gut impacts your skin health 
  4. Your gut impacts your energy levels 
  5. Your gut impacts your sleep

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