Heal your gut natrually

My Gut Health Process

My three month process to help heal your gut naturally is loaded with one-on-one coaching and support, access to innovative health tests, and discounted supplements.

Who's a good fit

I take individuals from irregular poops, bloat, acid reflux, abdominal pain, and restrictive diets to normal daily poops, resolved digestive symptoms and food freedom! You're a good fit if you...
Struggle with uncomfortable digestive symptoms like bloat and acid reflux.
Experience irregular bowels, constipation, and or diarrhea.
Have a fear of food and don't know what to eat.
Tried changing your diet BUT still struggle with pesky symptoms.
Been given band-aid solutions or told it's "all in your head".
Feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and still have no answers to your symptoms.
Miss out on social outings or family time because of unpredictable symptoms.
Ready to get to the ROOT cause of your digestive symptoms.
Ready to get your social life back without having to know where the nearest bathroom is

What do your 3 months actually look like?

The first thing we do is take a deep dive into your medical history, current health concerns, standard labs, diet, and lifestyle. Based on your assessment I will build you an initial protocol that includes targeted nutrition, stress support, and core health supplements. Within the first month, you will also submit a comprehensive stool sample test to get a full report of your gut microbiome and digestive markers. In between virtual sessions, you will complete weekly-follow up forms and have unlimited access to me via messenger on my client portal.
Discovery Call
Onboarding Payment
Assess & Test
Coaching Check-ins
Offboarding Strategy

What's included 

90 minute in-depth initial assessment
Comprehensive stool test
Check ins and follow-ups
Recipe guides
Educational material and handouts
Unlimited access to me via messenger
Discounted supplements
Exit strategy plan

Common Q&A's

Want to heal your gut and live pain free?